Every type of tourist can find something to enjoy in the fascinating travel destination of Sweden. Stockholm, the nation’s capital, is a dynamic, modern metropolis with a thriving cultural legacy. The Royal Palace and the Nobel Museum are located in Gamla Stan, a stunning medieval old town that is open to visitors. A magnificent archipelago of more than 30,000 islands surrounds Stockholm, making it the ideal place to go boating and island hopping. Outside Stockholm, visitors can discover Sweden’s unspoiled wilderness areas, such as the majestic Lapland mountains, the sizable woods in the center of Sweden, and the breathtaking west coast shoreline. 

These places are popular for outdoor pursuits like hiking, fishing, skiing, and wildlife observation. In addition to its stunning natural surroundings, Sweden is renowned for its cutting-edge fashion and design, and tourists may browse its chic stores, design studios, and art galleries. Finally, foodies are likely to enjoy Sweden’s distinctive cuisine, which includes classic dishes like meatballs, gravlax, and cinnamon buns. Ultimately, Sweden is a place that provides the ideal balance of culture, natural beauty, and adventure.

Sweden is a country with breathtaking natural beauty and a deep cultural history.


Swedes are incredibly proud of

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In recent years, Swedish pop music has grown in popularity worldwide, thanks to the success of performers like ABBA, Roxette, and Ace of Base.


Sweden has a long history of advancing gender equality and is frequently mentioned as one of the world's most gender-equal nations.

What does Sweden have to offer visitors?



Annual Visitors

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