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Offering top-notch travel planning services that are tailored to each client's particular needs and preferences is at the heart of a travel agent's goal and vision. My goal as a travel agent would be to make my clients' travel arrangements as simple and pleasurable as possible by removing the stress and effort from the process.

Risk Management

It is essential for our travel company to place a high priority on risk management and to guarantee consumer safety and security. This may involve providing emergency assistance services, providing travel insurance.

Great Prices

For many people, affordable cost is a key factor in selecting a travel agency. Travel may be made more accessible and inexpensive for a larger variety of individuals by a travel agency that charges fair and economical rates for its services.

Well-chosen Hotels

Each trip requires careful planning, and selecting the proper hotel is no exception. By offering convenient lodgings and access to neighborhood attractions and facilities, a well-chosen hotel may improve the overall experience of a vacation.

My intention is to help you and your family choose the ideal vacation!

My name is Yulia. I started working in tourism long time ago, in the previous life, how I like to say it 😃. My carrier started in 2003 in Republic of Moldova, Chisinau. I started working like a blind kitten, with no knowledge and very little travel experience at that time, as I just finished the high school recently and got a job offer when I was at the University studying Tourism and Hotel Services. I successfully finished 5 years of the University in Chisinau and by that time I was fully proficient in the travel industry being already 5 years in this business.

My passion for travel sparked right at the beginning. I loved traveling the world, meeting new people, tasting delicious food and learning different cultures. Over all these years I have participated in different Familiarization trips (FAMs as we use to call it in the industry), seminars and webinars, conferences, business meetings and so on. I constantly improve my professional skills by meeting with suppliers, make inside connections with the partners, visiting the resorts and studying about all they have to offer. This is a continuous study path as the travel industry is something constantly changing and in order to offer my clients the best service and the latest information, I have to learn about this.

When I moved to Canada, I’ve decided to change my professional path. I’ve tried to do something on my own, I’ve tried working for some organizations, outside of the travel business, but shortly realized I want to come back into my forever love – travel industry. 

In 2020 when the entire world went upside down, everything was shot down, we all had the chance to think about our lives. I have decided that I need to follow my love for travel and applied to study Resort and Hotel Management in Canada. Because my previous knowledge in the tourism industry was more than enough, I still wanted to expand my skills in this industry and have a local Canadian diploma and of course North American skills. I successfully got my second diploma in this industry and decided to open my own travel business which today  known as Peak Travel. Besides my 2 Diplomas, one of which is a Bachelor’s Degree, I always take tons of other courses, just to be up to date with all the changes in the industry and offer quality service to my clients. 

My love for the travel industry and to work with people is growing everyday. I am happy to work with the popular All Inclusive destinations whether it’s to Mexico or Dominican Republic, or any other destination, or offer you a complete day by day itinerary to any place in the world, nothing is impossible! 

I love traveling, it doesn’t matter it’s by bus, by foot, or cruising. Any opportunity for me is a new experience to explore and learn something new, which I happily enjoy doing with my 2 boys. This passion has become their passion as we travel since they were born, and I am happy to show them this wonderful world has to offer.

Yulia Ipatii

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular travel destination from Canada?

Depending on your budget, popular places to visit can include Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and Dominican Republic. These locations provide a fantastic balance of affordable prices and unforgettable experiences.

Can you provide assistance while we are traveling?

Absolutely! My top priority is to offer high level service from day one of the consultation call until your return from the trip. Emergencies might happen anywhere, and I am here to support you anytime!

How can I obtain a visa for a specific country?

The procedures and turnaround time for obtaining a visa can vary substantially depending on the country you are visiting. The best place to go for detailed information on how to get a visa is the embassy or consulate of the country you are visiting.

Do you have access to exclusive deals that aren’t available to the public?

Yes! My extensive partnership with many suppliers gives me the opportunity to offer to my clients extra perks or offer some exclusive deals or upgrades. Please reach out to find more.

What are the cancellation and refund policies for the travel bookings?

Cancellation and refund policies might differ significantly depending on the travel service provider, such as airlines or hotels. When making any travel arrangements, it's crucial to thoroughly read the rules to make sure you understand the terms and restrictions.

Can you help me optimize my travel route to save time and money?

I am happy to do so! At the beginning of our collaboration, we will have an introductory call where I will gather all the information regarding your travel plans and preferences and will build an unique itinerary for you.

How do you ensure the safety and suitability of the activities you recommend?

I collaborate with reliable suppliers and tour guides which will take care of the travelers and provide the safest environment and professional service.

Can you recommend any tours or activities at the destination?

Most places frequently offer a wide range of excursions and activities, and I will happily suggest and book the best attractions at the competitive prices.
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