Greenland is a distinct and far-flung tourism destination that provides an insight into the traditional Inuit culture as well as magnificent natural beauty. In addition to viewing spectacular Arctic species like polar bears, whales, and seals, tourists may witness the breathtaking Northern Lights and explore immense glaciers and ice fields.

Other outdoor activities available in Greenland include dog sledding, kayaking, and hiking in the untamed tundra. With cultural experiences like visiting traditional villages, meeting local artists and artisans, and experiencing regional cuisine like fresh seafood and game meat, tourists may also learn about Inuit traditions and customs.

The largest island in the world, Greenland, is physically a part of North America but has strong political and cultural ties to Europe.


Greenlanders are incredibly proud of


The Greenlandic language has developed over thousands of years and is both distinctive and sophisticated. The people of Greenland take great pride in their language and strive hard to protect and advance it.


Very beautiful natural features including glaciers, icebergs, and rough mountains may be found across Greenland. Greenlanders take pride in the distinctive nature of their nation and fight to preserve it through environmentally friendly travel and conservation initiatives.

What does Greenland have to offer visitors?



Annual Visitors

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